World Aids Day – Vrushali K

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It’s the disease which is transmitted by a mosquito bite as well as it’s transmitted most of the time due to sexual activity. When it’s sexually transmitted both man and women are responsible for getting in the act without knowing prior.

When one gets sexually active it’s important that the person gives more priority to safer sex practice.

When one is sexually active he or she shall make sure they check up for HIV/AIDS.

This year, the theme kept for creating awareness about AIDS is ‘know your status’. We are so worried about our status over our social media platforms but we also need to keep in mind that by taking the test we can be sure. And if the test is positive one can take treatment and adapt to good lifestyle and can live a long life.

When human race tried to misuse the power of reproduction and there wasn’t any purity, diseases like HIV/AIDS started.

It is said that the community of transgender spread HIV /AIDS fast.

In Aurangabad , Ghati hospital will be starting a ‘third line treatment’ for the patients those who need more treatment than first and second line. Those who required, they used to go to Mumbai to avail that treatment but now ghati hospital is doing great work.

By creating more awareness diseases like this can be eradicated.

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