An open letter from a victim of Kerala floods – Madhura Netkar

Hello everyone, I am a Victim. Yes, that’s what I am being referred to from past few days. I have survived one of the worsts disasters that the country has ever faced – ‘Kerala Floods`. And you know what I don’t mind being a part of this disaster neither being called as a victim. This is like an achievement for me.

I believe that all these things happened to me were for a purpose. The purpose of teaching me a lesson which my high school and college failed to teach me – The lesson of ‘Humanity’.

A few days ago if someone would have asked me who I am I would have proudly answered ‘A Chartered Accountant‘. The prefix I earned studying so hard, that I thought it deserved a permanent place before my name. Little did I knew that when we are stuck in between a disaster the so called most prestigious degree and the knowledge associated with it will be of no use.

Like any other ambitious person I too had big dreams of living a lavish life – owning a big house, imported cars, branded clothes, and all those materialistic things that add a tag on you of being successful. But why don’t we measure success in our own capacity rather than on society‘s pre conceived idea of being successful?

I believed in God, we all do. At least at times of crisis when all we do is pray. We have so much faith on him that, we fail to recognize the God which each one of us has within us. In situations like this I see God everywhere, the person who donated his salary, the person distributing  food, the person who gave me a helping hand when I was about to drown in the heavy flow of water. There are innumerable instances that I have faced in the past few days where I saw God and realized that God is nothing but the humanity within us.

All you people have really helped us to provide relief in such a situation, but life has given me the biggest teaching in the form of this experience. I had my credit card but there were no ATM, I had a car but the roads were all drowned, I had a big house which couldn’t provide me with a shelter in the most needed times. All that really helped was someone’s hard earned money which was donated for someone like me who is a complete stranger, a young man from defence who gathered us all and moved us to a secure place without even thinking of his own life , and a person with a big heart who happily agreed to provide me with a shelter till the situations outside are under control.

I just want you people to understand that don’t wait for a disaster to happen and make you realize the difference between life and materialistic life. Don’t just sit and pray to God when you can help someone by becoming one for them and lastly your name, degree and money won’t save you or anyone but a little bit of kindness, love and humanity will, for sure.

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