Sukhoi-30 hovering around in Aurangabad City

Aurangabad : The air force’s “Sukhoi-30” airplane hawked the city on Thursday, 11-4-2019, and evening, and the air force’s airplane was flowing around the city during the elections, but officials of the airport said that it was a regularpart of the air force.

Two fighter planes of the air force started hiking the city between 9.00 a.m to 9.30 a.m. on Thursday morning. Heavy fighter aircraft caught the attention. These aircraft hit the city in three holes. When contacted by officials of Chikthatha International Airport in Jabab, He said that the Air Force aircraft flew to Mumbai from Lohagaon in Pune.

There was no timely signals from chiklathana airport and they were told to hover over the city. This is a regular practice of the Air Force, which is being practiced from time to time, in which different cities are selected. The airplane hovering in the morning, two aircrafts went back in the city.

We have taken a poll on our social media handles and found many people witnessed it but they were quite unsure about it. Here are the poll results :



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