Syed Noorul Husnain – Aurangabad Poet

Poet of the month – December 2020

Syed Noorul Husnain was born on March 19, 1950, at Aurangabad. He did his graduation from Maulana Azad College in the year 1965 and then completed his M.A. in Urdu. He was a teacher by profession but later got appointed as an announcer with All-India Radio.

He is an Urdu fictional writer. He wrote 4 books on short stories including Simat-te-Daire and Garhi Mein Utarti Shaam’. He also wrote 4 novels. 3 books on criticism. 3 books for children and 2 books on dramas ‘Khush Bayanyan’ and ‘Insaan Amar Hai’. Some of his work is also published in India and Pakistan. He had received various awards for his work.

Syed Noorul Hasnain is a prolific writer. His write-ups of various Urdu literary subjects are published in newspapers and magazines all over the world.


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