Naujawanan-e-Aurangabad Helping Group distributes food kits in Aurangabad

As we all know due to COVID-19 Pandemic there has been many difficulties faced by everyone of us. And to stop corona virus lockdown have been imposed on various states and areas as per their number of corona patients detections. This has resulted us to discomforts and irregularities in our lifestyle, working etc. But for many these haven’t been as easy as it seems, it’s even worse.
Laborers and workers who earn on daily wages have been affected badly and they can’t help themselves. So, to help and resolve these issue ‘Naujawanan-e-Aurangabad Helping Group’ came forward and distributed hundreds of kits to the poor and needy families living in Aurangabad City and to the nearby rural areas like Naregaon, Padegaon, etc. Even after the implementation of strict lockdown several times and especially in the holy month of Ramadan the group kept fasts and helped for the need of humanity.
Here are some photographs of the people which were clicked among their friend circle to keep memories for this great cause. But as Aurangabad Buzz Team get to know about this group we insisted them to share with us.

They have not only prepared food but also purchased food items, fruits and vegetables from the contribution done among friends.

After making food packets the team has been divided into several groups and gets ready to deliver at the house of those needy families. This also helps them to make sure that the recipient of the food packets are authentic people.

The people behind the ‘Naujawanan-e-Aurangabad Helping Group’

Mir Imtiyaz Uddin, Mohammed Kaleem, Shahab Mirza, Aamer Shaikh, Md Mujaheed Qureshi, Saif Mirza, Sayyed Rumanuddin, Moiz Shaikh, Junaid Siddiqui, Sameer Khan, Shaikh Moiz, Imtiyaz Pathan, and Uzair Ahmed.


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