Fake News – Corona patients found in Deluxe Food Products and Cantonment Area

Today, a fake message is spread on WhatsApp groups and social media pages regarding the workers of Deluxe Bakery who were said to be infected with Corona. So an official statement is released by the Deluxe Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
We at Deluxe Foods strongly believe in transparency and authenticity. With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, misleading news regarding our workers being carriers of the virus is spread across multiple WhatsApp groups. We would like to tell our customers that the news is completely untrue and we are undertaking all required measures to ensure contact less and safe production of our goods. In these tough times, we are abiding by all government guidelines on social distancing and hoping for the safety of all our customers.
The report of 2 employees of a bakery in the cantonment area of ​​the city being found Corona positive was spread on social media on Wednesday morning. So far, not a single patient in Aurangabad Cantonment area is Corona positive. The person who spread this rumor demanded to be investigated through cyber cell by the Cantonment Council CEO Vikrant More by giving a letter to the city’s CP Chiranjeev Prasad.
In a letter to CP, CEO More said that the cantonment area comes under the Ministry of Defense. The Local Cantonment Council is an autonomous body. The Cantonment Council administration is taking every strict step to prevent the spread of corona infection in the cantonment area. So far, there is not a single corona-affected patient in this area. The news that 2 employees of a bakery located in the area were corona infected was spread on social media on Wednesday morning, which is completely wrong. After this news went viral on social media, the Cantonment Council administration conducted a thorough investigation and found that this news is completely false. In a letter to the city’s CP, CEO requested to know more about the news and who viral it on social media through the cyber cell of police commissioner. So that the accused come forward and they should be prosecuted. 

Please don’t believe any fake news which are going viral on WhatsApp or anywhere on social media.
Thank you.
Also click the below link to read this articles published in some official news website.

Here is a video of the CEO, Chawni Parishad address Press Meet Against Fake News.


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