Supriya Sule, M.P., Baramati Lok Sabha visited Daulatabad and Ellora Caves in Aurangabad

Visited the world famous Ellora Caves in Aurangabad district. She said “This cave is a wonderful invention of art. The work of the Kailasa temple in these caves amazes the mind. A variety of styles were discovered in these caves.”

Historian Dr. Dulari Qureshi, a guide of the Archaeological Department, said that the cave area is very informative and guides about the important aspects of the caves for which Supriya Sule Ji thanked from the bottom of my heart for that in a tweet.

She also visited the historical fort Devagiri at Daulatabad in Aurangabad district and inspected it and said “This fort, built centuries ago, still looks strong today. I learned about this inspiring history that many historical references are attached to this fort.”


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