AMC to create 5 Hawkers Zones in Aurangabad City.


In a meeting organized by AMC (Aurangabad Municipal Corporation) and the Hawkers Committee a historic decision is taken to create 5 Hawkers Zones in Aurangabad City.

The suggestion has been given by Mr. Mohsin Ahmed @mohsinahmed_in, General Secretary, MPCC Minority Department to the members of ‘Hawkers Pheriwala Samiti’ meeting. Mr. Mohsin Ahmed said ‘I have suggested to allot 5 hawker zones in the city to properly work without any problems. If implemented and managed well, then it will be helpful for the buyers and sellers both at the same time.’



This is not the first time that the Hawkers Committee have taken such decision. Previously, the Hawkers Committee has helped the hawkers to grant license  on their respective zones and to help them get loans from the government which is again reminded to fast forward this process as lockdowns has affected to hawkers community badly.


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