AMC School’s Baalwadi and Hourly-Based Teachers to get their salaries and appointments soon


In a meeting upon the development of AMC School Education related to the Primary and Higher Education of the AMC Students and issues related to the appointments of AMC Teachers were discussed.

It has been seen that a total number of 136 Baalwadi Teachers from 72 AMC Schools & 70 (Taas-Wise Subject) Teachers of 12 AMC High Schools of both Marathi & Urdu Medium are working unpaid and without their appointments. As the schools have not been functional physically for almost a year and the new academic year has also been started where these teachers are providing online education to most of the students under such circumstances where there is no payment nor any appointments of the teachers.

The Municipal Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Education Officer has noted my concerns and found these issues will impact the teaching-learning process of the AMC Schools and assured Mr. Mohsin Ahmed, General Secretary, MPCC Minority Department that the AMC will resolve these problems by releasing an order as soon as possible.


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