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Aurangabad is know for many things. It’s Culture, Heritage, History, Tourism but one thing that always created a hype among the people who’re from the city or outside visitors is Food of Aurangabad. Due to the diverse culture and it’s history Aurangabad is popular to have a huge collection of foods available in the hotels and restaurants. From Mughlai to Hyderabadi to Arabic and Chinese Food, You name it, it’s available for you to serve.

Today, We have selected 3 Best places where you can have Shawarma in Aurangabad City.

1. Lebanese Shawarma.

This is simply awesome. It’s taste even more when you asked for a customized spicy stuffs in it. Serving it with Khabus (Khubz in Arabic) instead of Roti or Bread adds more to the taste.

Cost: 60/- per piece.

Location: Roshan Gate, Aurangabad.

2. Golden Star Bakery.

The taste is too good and also can be customized as per taste. They serve with Roti & Bread and comes with a good filling of fries and chicken.

Cost: Rs. 50/- per piece.

Location: Roshan Gate area.

3. Istanbul Shawarma and Doner.

They have few Shawarma picks to choose from but we’re sure you can’t miss their famous Platter Kebab (Open Shawarma).

Cost: 120/- per plate.

Location: Deodi Bazar, City Chowk, Aurangabad.


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