Massive Drug Bust Worth Rs 400 Crore in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Massive Drug Bust Worth Rs 400 Crore in Aurangabad, Maharashtra


Aurangabad, Maharashtra, has been at the center of a
significant crackdown on narcotic operations in recent times. The Directorate
of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), in cooperation with the Ahmedabad Crime Branch,
has seized narcotic drugs worth more than Rs 400 crore under the provisions of
the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985.

The journey began with an investigation by the Ahmedabad
Crime Branch, which discovered that illegal substances were being produced in a
factory in Aurangabad. In response, a joint team from the Ahmedabad Crime
Branch and DRI launched a targeted operation on the suspected factory,
Mahalakshmi Industries, situated in the industrial district of Aurangabad.

The operation yielded substantial results. The combined
efforts of law enforcement led to the seizure of 4.5 Kg of Mephedrone, 4.3 Kg
of Ketamine, and another mixture of Mephedrone, totalling approximately 9.3 Kg.
These narcotics had an estimated market value of more than Rs 250 crore.

Additionally, in a separate operation, the DRI seized 107 litres
of liquid Mephedrone, a narcotic drug with a market value of approximately Rs
160 crore under the provisions of the NDPS Act, 1985. This successful action is
part of a broader effort to curb the illegal narcotics trade.

The success of the operations didn’t stop there. A
subsequent search of one of the accused’s residential premises resulted in the
discovery of around 23 Kg of cocaine, approximately 2.9 Kg of Mephedrone, and a
sum of Rs 30 lakh in Indian currency.

The total value of the seized drugs, from both the recent
operation and the previous case, now exceeds Rs 400 crore. The fight against
narcotics-related crime has scored a significant victory. Investigations into
these cases are ongoing.


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